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Lean Smart Maintenance in the Process Industry


By applying the Lean Smart Maintenance concept to the project partner's production system, its management system is oriented towards efficiency and effectiveness. The goal is a lean, intelligent, risk and resource-optimized maintenance.


The project partner benefits from a comprehensive assessment of his production system according to risk potential, a maintenance strategy that is optimized according to risk and resource aspects, and the identification of critical spare parts. In addition, a disturbance prognosis model is developed by data analysis and used in the field of predictive maintenance.

Project Content

In the Lean Smart Maintenance project, a resource- and risk-oriented maintenance approach is used in combination with data analysis – oriented to the high requirements of a linked production system in the process industry:

Lean Smart Maintenance in the Process Industry

System-critical assets are identified by means of a structured system risk assessment, where a model for anticipatory maintenance is developed and applied by means of the targeted use of data analysis. In addition, a comparison of maintenance costs and risk potentials is used to identify installations that have an unbalanced ratio. By means of a more detailed risk and cost analysis, efficiency and effectiveness potentials are collected and implemented in the form of a strategy of maintenance strategy adaptation according to risk and resource aspects. An assessment of spare parts using ABC-XYZ logic is carried out to identify critical spare parts.

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