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Critical Performance Indicators (CPI) System


The goal is the development and implementation of a leadership-oriented and lean key performance indicator (KPI) system at the "top-level". With the resulting performance measurement and management system, the company gets a better overview of the effectiveness and efficiency of its services.


The CPI system enables effective planning, controlling and monitoring of the company thanks to lean key-figure cockpits. With the help of warning indicators, early signals are detected and proactive measures are derived. There is a high level of identification, as employees are involved in the development of the system. In addition, understanding is enhanced and confidence gained.

Critical Performance Indicators

Project Content

In an environment of increasing complexity and dynamics, a one-dimensional orientation of company controlling is no longer sufficient. Modern key figure systems must consider different facets of service provision in order to enable a comprehensive measurement and evaluation of effectiveness as well as efficiency into account. During the project, a performance measurement and management system has been developed together with the employees. For this purpose, the company's critical success factors are identified and jointly derived in workshops "Critical Performance Indicators" (CPIs).

Critical Performance Indicators

The process of change is supported by the use of specific tools in the individual phases and enables the operationalization of the strategy as well as the orientation towards the critical success factors. The relationships between the indicators are analyzed and driving variables are identified. The CPI system is supported by a structured reporting process and a CPI Guideline.

Only if the system is adapted to the respective needs of the company, it is possible to achieve a good overview with few CPIs. The introduction of such a system leads to a considerable change in the organization. In order to exploit the potential, employees must identify with the system. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive change management right from the beginning of the development.

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