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Optimization of the Maintenance Organization


The project’s aim is to initiate the change process from the classic organized maintenance to a performance-oriented organizational unit. In addition, the existing system (maintenance planning, control, and analysis) is assessed with regard to the fulfillment of maintenance requirements.


The economic partner receives an objective, structured and scientifically sound assessment of his maintenance organization. Measure plans specified in workshops, system specifications and the supervision of the implementation of the measures as well as the implementation controlling are further advantages.

Project Content

The TPM project with Georg Fischer Fittings GmbH is divided into four phases. The first phase focuses on the identification of the existing degree of maturity of the maintenance organization. For this reason, the tried and tested TPM assessment is applied, which allows an assignment of the actual state in the TPM maturity model by means of tools such as individual interviews, workshops and semantic analysis. Compared to the target maturity level – which differs depending on the industry party – the difference shows existing improvement potentials, which are the basis for optimization measures. The focus of the second phase is the allocation of the measures to achieve the goal by prioritizing and existing resources. Since employees and the company have to identify with the change, a company representative is a member of the project team for this process.

Optimisation of Maintenance - Phase 1
Optimisation of Maintenance - Phase 2

The core element of the third phase is the implementation and control of the measures. This section is sensitive since the measures concern all production and maintenance workers, and is significantly influenced by the management team; awareness raising and cultural change are initiated at the operational level. In the fourth phase, the focus is on the monitoring and evaluation of the measures, in order to achieve or maintain the desired level and, on the other hand, to optimize the measures aimed at achieving the objectives in the sense of a continuous improvement process.

Optimisation of Maintenance - Phase 3
Optimisation of Maintenance - Phase 4

An important tool for the performance-oriented maintenance organization is its support by a suitable system. For this reason, parallel to the first two phases, specifications for selecting a suitable maintenance software solution in consideration of the existing IT systems are summed to support the selection in phase three.

Contact Person

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