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Optimization of a Factory


The subject of this project is to analyze and optimize the maintenance organization of Egger GmbH & Co KG in Wismar. Egger has a wide range of products, like chipboards, MDF panels, and has a complex asset structure with a labor-intensive maintenance. The goal of this project is a sustainable increase in efficiency and effectiveness of the assets in the location in Wismar as well as in the Egger business group.


The potential for improvement emerged while the assessment and the aspects are taken in the catalog of measures. Several follow-up projects arise from this assessment:

  • Introduction of an integrated system of KPIs and closed controlling cycle
  • Expanding autonomous maintenance
  • Revision of the organizational structure
  • Development towards Smart Maintenance
  • Elaboration of an outsourcing-strategy
  • Further development of knowledge management

These projects enable the development towards a modern maintenance organization, which is able to work long-term and cost-efficient.

Project Content

There are four phases of the project, all of them contain two subprojects:

Project Plan

In the first phase, a survey and semi-structured interviews create a basis to define the actual state of the maintenance. This basis is put into a maturity model, which has 18 categories. The actual state can be marked as well as the state, which wants to be achieved in the future. To reach these, the follow-up projects, as above mentioned, were defined. In the second phase, the catalog of measures for the next two years is defined. This takes place in workshops.


In the course of the next two years, the Chair of Economic- and Business Management has an advisory and support function while implementation in phase 3. This will be fulfilled by holding workshops every three month and conducting employee surveys about their motivation every six months. These actions support to reflect the progress. In the last phase, the success of the project will be evaluated critically and the maturity model will be updated, to show new potential for improvement.

Contact Person

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