Maintenance Concepts Today – Tomorrow

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Lean Smart Maintenance

Lean, intelligent and efficient Maintenance

The dynamics of the company environment require high flexibility and agility. The focus is on constant environmental changes (stakeholder orientation). The long-term strategy of asset management meets the challenge by a holistic, life-cycle-oriented approach.

Within the asset management maintenance contributes significantly to the increase in added value within the mentioned framework conditions. Therefore, a scientifically based concept was developed to ensure

  • the effectiveness – fulfillment of the purpose – as well as
  • the efficiency – to minimize the uselessness of maintenance.

SMART Maintenance – effectiveness – was combined with an adapted LEAN approach – efficiency. The essential elements in the LSM (resource-oriented, learning maintenance) approach are:

Lean Smart Maintenance - Plan
Lean Smart Maintenance - Do
Lean Smart Maintenance - Check
Lean Smart Maintenance - Act

The framework for managing, which is to be adequately designed in consideration of the general conditions and requirements for maintenance, is shown in Figure 2:

LSM Assessment
LSM Assessment
LSM Assessment

Possibilities due to Industry 4.0, cyber-physical systems, vertical as well as horizontal data integration can be integrated into a situation-specific manner. Smart Maintenance is characterized by increased and proactive maintenance, weak point analysis with big data analysis and forward-looking, further-oriented and employee-oriented learning orientation. Besides, it is possible to have a Lean approach as well as a real-time controlled maintenance.