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IT Support in Assembly Manufacturing


On the basis of the assembly work of the project partner, an intensified focus on IT support for maintenance is to ensure efficient planning, control, and execution of the maintenance measures in the direction of risk and resource optimizations.


The use of IT in maintenance supports the project partner in aligning all maintenance activities in the sense of a risk-oriented approach. At the center of the project is the IT-supported mapping of an asset risk matrix. The IT system creates a step-by-step approach to lean, risk-oriented maintenance.


The project can be divided into two phases: In the first phase of the project, preliminary work on the introduction of IT support in maintenance is taking place. At the same time, a qualification matrix is created for maintenance staff, in which both methodological and technical competencies are presented. The in-house introduction and implementation of maintenance standards or standards for cleaning ensure the support of all maintenance activities at the site.

Phase 2 provides support for the introduction of IT support in maintenance. The employee qualification matrix developed in phase 1 is integrated into the IT system. The focus of phase 2 is on the development and implementation of an investment risk matrix. Based on a criteria catalog, system-critical systems are identified and a maintenance activity analysis (risk analysis) is carried out. On the basis of this, the derivation and adjustment of the maintenance strategy under risk aspects with optimum use of resources takes place. The implemented system risk matrix is mapped in the IT system. On the basis of the investment risk matrix, a decision guide for spare parts management is to be developed.



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